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Nov 16

What a great fall semester that we were able to have both Prof. Wilfred Chen and Prof. Wilfred von Der Donk visit us in person!

Nov 2 – 6

Sherry and Jie attended the 2021 AIChE annual meeting in Boston & in person!

Oct 22

Our collaborative work with Prof. Kolomeisky was just accepted by Nature Communications today! This is a great piece of work we use both computational and experimental tools for precise genome editing! Congrats to Jie, Jeffrey, and all co-authors! Frontlinegenomics Rice News.

Oct 1

Welcome our new postdoc Chunxiao!

Sep 21

Congrats to our undergraduate Jeffrey Vanegas on winning NIH funding to support the underrepresented minority in biomedical research! See it on Rice News.

Sep 10

Our lab had a great celebration party for the new Gao lab opening. Our department Chair Dr. Mike Wong joined us! A great success! Special thanks to Bryant and Zhiwen who organized the whole lab move!

Sep 8

Our lab moved to the 8th floor of BRC. The new lab space is to support our growing research programs!

Sep 1

New Postdoc Qiuyue joined our lab! Welcome!

Aug 7

Sherry and Fanglong attended the 2021 SIMB Annual Meeting in Austin & in person!

Jul 29

Shunyu completed his position in the Gao lab and moved on to his continuing study at Columbia. Good luck!

Jul 6

Congrats Zhiwen and Fanglong (co-first authors) on publishing our new study in Nature Communications today! Futurity Technology Networks

Jun 1

Thanks NIH_NIGMS for funding our undergraduate Angela Lin (Rice Biochemistry) for the 10-week summary research! If you are interested in NIH-funded summer research in the Gao lab, please feel free to reach out!

Apr 15

Congrats on the T32, Training Interdisciplinary Pharmacology Scientists (TIPS) training program at UTHealth was funded by NIH! Thanks for including me!

Apr 12

Very excited to get our 2nd Welch grant! Thank you the Welch Foundation for the continuous support!

Apr 5

Many thanks to NHLBI for awarding a $2M RO1 grant to the Gao lab! Looking forward to the great science ahead! Rice NEWS.

Jan 25

Great kickoff of the Spring semester of 2021! We celebrated Fanglong’s birthday via zoom!